The top 3 things to do on a summer day in Chippewa Falls

I sit here just a couple of days after the July 4th extended holiday break bemoaning the fact it seems as if the summer is half over already.  We all have the same experience, the older we get the faster time flies by.  It did occur to me I may be approaching this situation all wrong, maybe I should consider the glass to be half full, so to speak.  You know, we still have half of the summer to go.  And what better place to have fun in the summer than Chippewa Falls!

A Day on the Water.  Chippewa Falls and the surrounding areas have so much to offer to those visiting on summer vacation.  When guests of Inn on Lake Wissota ask what there is to do in Chippewa Falls, it’s hard to know where to begin.  For outdoor enthusiasts, I say it’s hard to ignore beautiful Lake Wissota and the bounty of activities is offers both residents in the area and visitors.

The top 3 things to do on a summer day in Chippewa Falls 1
A group of friends fishing
  • If you’re into fishing, Lake Wissota is known for musky, walleye, and bass. Of course, there’s an abundance of panfish to help out with your shore lunch.  With over 6,200 acres, there’s plenty of fishing to be done on the lake.  Duncan Creek runs right through the heart of the city of Chippewa Falls.  The local Rod & Gun club recently deposited 700 trout into the stream and is working with the DNR in hopes to get that stretch of the creek classified as a Class 1 brook trout stream.
  • Maybe you’d prefer just paddling around the lake, or, down the Chippewa River. For a river float in a kayak, canoe or inner tube, Loopy’s Grill, Saloon & River Rentals will drop you off just below the dam in downtown Chippewa Falls then you can float to either Loopy’s and get out, or continue your float for a few more miles and they will pick you up.
    The top 3 things to do on a summer day in Chippewa Falls 2
    Tubing down the river

    Lake Wissota State Park rents canoes and kayaks.   Moon Bay is accessible from the park and offers a more manageable area to paddle than the main lake does.  Over on Little Lake Wissota at the SandBar & Grill, you’ll find White’s Rentals Paddle Shop.  In addition to canoes and kayaks, they also rent paddleboards.

  • For larger groups, a Pontoon rental might be what you’re looking for. There are a couple of options for that, both located at the north end of Lake Wissota.  The Edge Pub & Eatery has pontoons available.  What better way to spend time with friends or family than floating around on the lake, enjoying everything mother nature has to offer.


Biking.  Whether you’re an avid biker who relishes the challenge of putting on 40 or miles in a day, or just the recreational biker who enjoys the outdoors and getting some exercise, Chippewa Falls has several bike trails to choose from to fit your style.

  • The Duncan Creek Parkway Trail is a five-mile paved loop around the city. It’s a great way to get to know the city, just be aware the trail is shared with motor vehicles in some places. The top 3 things to do on a summer day in Chippewa Falls 3
  • The Duncan Creek trail connects with the Old Abe State Trail, which is a paved trail that runs from Chippewa Falls to Cornell. For nature lovers this trail is a must-see, the trail winds through agricultural land, along the Chippewa River, and along the shores of Lake Wissota.
  • If you’re in need of renting bikes to explore the Chippewa Falls area, Spring Street Sports is located in downtown Chippewa Falls. Joe & Dave started the shop back in 1987 and has a variety of bikes to choose from.  If you’re already out on the north end of Lake Wissota and would like to take a ride on the trail up there, Inn on Lake Wissota has a few bikes for rent, give us a call.


  • One of the many gems of Chippewa Falls is Irvine Park features 2 miles of walking trails. Free of charge to the public, this is a nice way to get out and enjoy some nature.  There’s plenty of playground equipment for the kids to burn off some energy.  They’ll also have fun watching the bears, white bison, and elks.
  • Don’t forget the Old Abe Trail for hiking, not just for biking, it is very pedestrian-friendly.
  • Lake Wissota State Park has several hiking trails for hiking depending on how far you’d like to go and what you want to see. The Beaver Creek Meadow trail is 1 mile long and the most scenic.  In addition to this, the park offers 7 miles of additional hiking trails.

So, no matter what you like to do outdoors, Chippewa Falls is a great place to visit and explore.  Here at Inn on Lake Wissota, we hope to greet you soon as one of our guests!

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